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Integrated Project Delivery

Maximum Efficiency with Integrated Project Delivery

Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) is a new delivery model that adds value to maximizing efficiency and collaboration of those involved as a core team: owner, A/E, builders, trade contractors. The goal of IPD is full collaboration where the core team members are aligned by a single contract.

The Integrated Project Delivery method contains the following elements:
  • Continuous involvement of owner and architect and builders from early design through project completion
  • Uses target value design to guide decision making
  • Inclusion of key trade contractors in the design process and the core team
  • Intensified planning and preconstruction management leading to work flow improvement
  • Business interests aligned through shared risk/reward, including financial gain at risk that is dependent upon project outcomes
  • Joint project control by the core team
  • A multi-party agreement
  • Shared liability among owner and designers and builders including key trade contractors
  • Mutual respect and trust

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