RaviniaMusicBox Experiential Theater

Let the show begin. The RaviniaMusicBox Experiential Theater is ready for your enjoyment. The new 9,500 square foot facility features a 65 seat wrap around theater, interactive museum gallery space and theater preview area with interactive screens. The theater uses 3D technology with hologram capabilities and much more to heighten the entertainment experience. Check it out, during the Ravinia Festival 2021 season. See more photos of the theater below.

Celebrating Fifty Years of Aquatics in 30 Seconds

For 50 years, we’ve built, re-built, or even re-imagined aquatic projects all over the Chicagoland area. To celebrate, we put together this short video.

Thanks, Ravinia For Helping Us Celebrate 50 Years of Service

One key to 50 years of business success? Make sure you do a good job, for good people — as our 32-year history of work with Ravinia Festival in Highland Park demonstrates. To celebrate the relationships we’ve built, we put together this short video.